The Importance Of Education

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Education is a very important tool that most people strive to obtain because it is knowledge and information that the world provides us to change for better. I believe education has a big effect in children, teenagers, and adults in the United States because it an environment of a modern lifestyle where we are pushing our kids to be the best intelligent mindsets that the future holds. The author Carl Singleton wrote “What our education system needs is more F’s” and he states his opinion in how the grading system should work according to his point of view. I have read different articles that the topic is similar to Carl Singleton’s article but I disagree with this one because of his statements. Carl Singleton is trying to convince the…show more content…
He is generalizing teachers probably because of a bad experience or commentary of teachers, but since he has no facts to state that we have low-quality teachers I believe he should be a wiser author. Another example of Singleton providing opinions without any facts or legitimate sources to back up his statement is when he says, “The basic problem of our educational system is the common practice of giving credit where none has been earned, a practice that has resulted in the sundry faults delineated by all the reports and studies over recent years” (Singleton 232). Singleton says that there are reports and studies but he yet doesn’t prove or show any and that makes me the reader not believe him. Singleton seems to categorize the majority of students and teachers stating that teachers aren’t qualified to teach and the students are receiving grades on which they do not deserve. Giving a student an F can cause them to lose a lot of self-confidence causing them to eventually stop trying. This can lead to bigger problems such as the student falling behind in the curriculum and even dropping out. “Giving an F whenever and wherever it is the only appropriate grade would force principles, school boards, and voters to come to terms with cost as a factor in improving our educational systems” (Singleton 233). The author seems to be worried about the improvement of the educational system and therefore he wrote an article
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