The Importance Of Educators Working Within A Global Classroom

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Over the past decade multicultural demands at educational institutions have increased, with over 6.3 million students having English as their second language and 13 million students living in poverty (Assaf, Garza & Battle, 2010). This has caused educators working in kindergarten through 12th grade to assess their teaching styles, bringing culture to the forefront of the classroom.
Although diversity has increased over the past decade, schools throughout the nation are struggling to keep up to promote a positive and safe learning environment for their students. Teacher preparation programs only attempt to infuse minute diversity changes amongst educational institutions, making the embracement of diversity seem superficial and weak at best
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Multiculturalism in the classroom setting also highlights the importance of communication patterns, child/adolescent development and empathy towards those who display different cultures (Salako, Eze & Adu, 2013).
Cultural Implications of the Current Setting
This writer’s current setting is at a high school charter school, where 100 percent of the students identify as African American, and 95 percent of students are on a free/reduced lunch program. Marshall & Batten (2004) discuss how cultural norms are not always as fluid as they appear. Although students in a given charter school may identify as one racial group, it is essential to understand that cultural variables still exist; hence, not following one universal pattern when designing and conducting a research methodology. Sykes (2014) discusses how research can limit cultural variances within a population, especially when examining formal curriculums that are designed as a baseline throughout the nation. In this instance, employment of any study at this school could potentially limit charter school students by focusing on future contexts, while suffering a sense of cultural loss and exclusion (Sykes, 2014; Sulzer, 2014).
Other cultural implications must be addressed throughout any study or setting, which include cultural gaps, borders, conflicts and tension amongst the students
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