The Importance Of Effective Communication And Cultural Competency

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As Australia becomes more culturally diverse, so do the patient populations served by the hospitals; and the ability to effectively communicate as a health professional becomes a powerful tool. Queensland Health stated that, it recognises that in order to achieve its purpose of providing safe, sustainable, efficient, quality and responsive health services for all Queenslanders, it is important to ensure that the services it provides are culturally competent. Being able to effectively communicate is a vital component and element in all areas of the nursing profession as well as being culturally competent. It is vital in all its interventions such as treatment, therapy, rehabilitation, interventions, education and health promotion. This dynamic component of nursing is known to be recognised as a priority across most western if not all health care facilities as it directly affects quality of patient care, medical outcomes and patient safety as well as patient satisfaction. The purpose of this essay is to discuss and reflect upon the importance of effective communication and cultural competency in a hospital setting and its significance in quality patient care and safety. To do so, the essay will use an example of a communication gap experienced by the writer (Student Nurse) during a clinical practicum in a general ward and decisions made thereafter with the collaboration of other health professionals to close the founded gap and deliver safe quality patient care. The main
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