The Importance Of Effective Communication And Human Communication

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Term Essay- Topic #4 CS-212-OC1, Fall 2014 Dr. Mike McNulty Aaron Krandel, 120129610 November 19, 2014 Word Count: 2401 Many people agree that effective communication is key in order for all humans and animals to survive. Without communication, humans and animals would not be able convey basic information, such as feelings and warnings of danger. However, it is believed that human communication is more advanced than animal communication due to our use of language. Despite there not being a consensual definition of this concept, it is fact that humans are the only known species that are guaranteed to communicate through what we would call “language” (CS212OC M1, L1, F, 2014). Even though there is not one solid definition of human language, it has been taught that this concept allows humans to communicate all sorts of things to one another in a methodical way (CS212OC M1, L1, F, 2014). Furthermore, we all know that there are a variety of human languages in the world, however, there are components of language that appear across all human languages, such as sentence formation (CS212OC M1, L2, F, 2014). As a result of the world possessing many different languages, people believe that some languages are more intricate than others (CS212OC M1, L2, F, 2014). But, it must be noted that all languages are different and rather complicated (Pinker, 1994, p.14). For example, in his book, The Language Instinct, Steven Pinker explains that Black English Vernacular is
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