The Importance Of Effective Communication And Nursing Practice In Nursing

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It can be hard for nursing students to apply theoretical knowledge to clinical setting without some proper guidance and support. This paper will discuss a critical incident which occurred in Week 3 of my N308 clinical course. The incident was related to skilled communication and organized prioritization, which are topics covered in N307 seminar. From a nursing perspective, this incident made me realize the importance of effective communication, prioritisation, and management skills because disorganized care would pose a threat to patient’s safety and compliance with the fundamental principles listed in the CNA code of ethics (Canadian Nurses Association, 2017). The incident involves post-operative care for a post-op day 30 (total hip replacement surgery) patient who had depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and short-term memory loss. This patient asked for pain medications way too often, refused to exercise or even make slight changes in position, and insisted to have pillow under her knees all the time. When I was helping this patient, she kept manipulating me in a willfully noncompliant manner, and she took majority of my time and energy. Therefore, I felt extremely stressed and even had a nervous breakdown during post-conference. However, I observed my buddy nurse using some communication skills to calm the patient, convince her to do exercises, and remove the pillow under her knees. Furthermore, the nurse showed me how to use prioritization

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