The Importance Of Effective Communication Patterns For A Healthy Work Environment

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There are many influences in a complex environment such as residential care. There are numerous conflicting interactions between many agents such as residents, families, providers, institutions, regulators that create many inconsistencies and mixed messages. Examining the culture for the antecedents and consequences is crucial to building and maintaining a healthy work environment. Four recurring themes of interaction emerged from the research articles reviewed. These include the importance of open communication, self-organization, teamwork and relationship connectivity. Examining the organization to understand the organizational flow and above mentioned dynamic interactions is an essential step that is often missed by leadership in a chaotic, complex health care environment. The importance of effective communication patterns for a healthy work environment and for quality care outcomes was noted in all eleven articles. In theory, an organization with open communication between people with diverse cognitive schema will be best able to adapt and respond to a constantly changing environment (Colón-Emeric, Ammarell, Bailey, Corazzini, Lekan-Rutledge, Piven, Utley-Smith & Anderson,2006). When leaders choose nonlinear interaction to lead their teams and manage the day to day interactions, an egalitarian climate is developed and maintained. Managers may influence communication patterns by promoting horizontal communication networks, thereby changing the rate of information
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