The Importance Of Effective Education

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The task of effective teaching involves a myriad of ineffable and abstract qualities; pedagogy demands persistence, patience, and problem-solving skills beyond compare, just to name a few. A teacher’s career consists primarily of amassing these talents whenever possible and learning to put them to best use in an educational context. It is merely a matter of opinion to identify some of these skills as more important than others, but in my humble opinion, cultivating and maintaining a commitment to diversity should be a top priority for today’s educators. History runs rampant with examples of the oppressed only becoming more disadvantaged the longer unjust systems are able to remain in power. Unfortunately, certain aspects of public schooling can fit this bill, but it us up to teachers as self-aware members of these institutions to be the architects of novel and radical classroom structures—environments that foster a spirit of achievement relative to both the individual and the group as a whole without ever needing comparison to determine success. Comparison is a vehicle of the complex and at times contentious discussion of equity versus equality. We ask ourselves whether students deserve to start or finish in the same place. Though we live in an unfair world, teachers generally believe in building fairness where possible. Take mastery learning as an example of this dichotomy in the classroom; with mastery learning employed, a class will not move to the next topic until

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