The Importance Of Effective Journalism

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Effective journalism advocates for the reporting events, as they happen to reserve judgment for the audience. Recently, the notion of effective journalism has been a complex concept to implement. The modern journalist has made it his responsibility to manipulate the facts, readers’ emotions and provide the user with the appropriate conclusion to arrive at. According to Paul and Elder (2012), journalism is not all to blame for all of this biased. The society, in particular, has played a large part in the manipulation of facts. The authors argue that journalists have various responsibilities apart from delivering facts (Paul & Elder, 2012). Lots of consideration go into the provision of facts for the masses, for instance, the journalist has to consider protection of the reader, the government’s reaction, stakeholder and the standing point of his or her company.
June was full of notable news making headlines. One of the most controversial news that was full of mystery occurred at the end of the month. This news was to make headlines for days to come. Otto Warmbier, whom very few people knew of, became an overnight worldwide hero after going through hell in North Korea. The fact that Otto lived to tell the horrors of what people consider as the most notorious country in the world was a miracle. The story made the headline with the media letting the population know that nothing good comes out of North Korea but nuclear missiles and bad governance. This victory, of course, did not
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