The Importance Of Effective Responding

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My friend was putting on her makeup to match her costume of the night for her APO fraternity big-little reveal. She decided to be Sadness from the movie Inside Out, and she did a fantastic job with putting everything together! When she walked into my room and told me she thinks she finally put the finishing touches on, I told her it looked superb. Her blue eyeshadow, glasses, white sweater, and a tear drop on the cheek really reflected the character. She seemed even more excited when I told her this and she then told me more about what is going to happen during the night. We both laughed at how silly it might turn out, but also how genius the idea was.
Another time that I consciously noticed myself doing active-constructive responding was when my friend was letting me know about her process in applying to different internships for the summer. She showed me the list and there was a good number of applications she put in. I told her that it was amazing that she was able to work on so many applications while school work is still rolling in. This led to a deeper conversation about the various stressors that
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When I thought retrospectively about how I interact with people, though, I noticed that most time I unconsciously do active-constructive responding. And more often than not, these conversations lead to future plans. And people tend to open up more about what is going on in their lives because of the interest that is shown in what they are doing and saying. The conversations definitely have more substance compared to “Hey, how are you doing? Good? Okay, see you later.” The person on the other end also seems happy to engage in the conversation more, which is really pleasant because I feel like sometimes students living campus life feel like interactions lack that
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