The Importance Of Elder Abuse In Nursing Homes

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What goes on, on a day-to-day basis referring to our elders and their caregivers? Do the staff and faculty treat them with proper respect, love, and care? Elder abuse has been the last form of violence to receive multidisciplinary professional interest. It is thought that today in America roughly 500,000 to 2 million elders are abused, those numbers vary depending on your sources. This research paper focuses not only the causes, affects and prevention, but also the importance of not neglecting the elderly and their needs. The following information supports unanswered confusion as to why elderly patients are continuously mistreated in nursing homes. It is inhumane to hurt not only a harmless person, but a vulnerable defenseless patient.…show more content…
These patients pay for another person to help care for them because they cannot do so alone. The job of a health care provider is to assist and make these patients feel like they have options and help. Abusing a patient that is showing signs of depression, physically looking smaller and is defenseless is a crime but it is rarely reported due to the fear of the patient or victim. Patients cannot depend on others to meet most basic needs the ways they can do for themselves. People over 65 are easier to manipulate and difficult to prosecute. It is less likely for the victim to report the abuse happening because they fear upsetting their attacker and having more harm done. Patients may also be ashamed or embarrassed to repeat what happened to them. Abusers often tell victims it's their own fault they get abused and they threaten to do worse if anyone finds out. While researching information regarding the issue, I came across an article called "Elder Abuse & Neglect". This provided me with proof that multiple cases of emotional, sexual, physical abuse, abandonment, neglect and financial exploitation happen to these patients daily. Not only is this possible in community settings but also in the comfort of their own home. "Many seniors around the world are being abused: harmed in some substantial way often by people who are directly responsible for their care."(Segal, 2016). This quote comes directly from this sources facts supporting elderly abuse in general. Sadly, more of these cases in the U.S. go unreported than the ones which are acknowledged. In situations such as family members abusing patients, there can be alternatives such as first finding out the type of abuse and
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