The Importance Of Electric Computers

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Around the time I was five, my parents decided to invest in an electric keyboard. My brother and I were captivated by this new, mysterious box, and were insistent on an immediate opening. Over the next few minutes, the keyboard was pieced together, and everyone gathered around to gaze upon the masterpiece. The night wore on, and the excitement wore off. The masses migrated to the other room and my brother scurried away to play with more interesting toy. After a few dissonant keys cut their way through the air, a perfectly played rendition of “Fur Elise” could be heard gracefully floating into the other room. At my father’s revelation that his daughter must be a musical genius, he jumped to his feet, and rushed into the room to greet the…show more content…
An average jock playing in the NFL makes $1.9 million. The millennial youtuber makes a wide salary range, but is definitely portrayed as being wealthy. The popular, preppy people have probably just gone and married some rich doctor with his/her own private island. In addition this major skewing of the representation of the average, we often see a photoshopped, an extremely built, or an excessively altered body as an average body. Point being, no representation of average depicted by the media is actually the true, scientific average. What does this overload of information mean for us? Does the time I spent researching all of this information mean anything? Well, If i was speaking to a group of political science peeps the numbers would mean a lot,but we are not. At least, I am not, but I am a highschool student, and highschool student are always portrayed as teenagers “who just want to fit in”. The media portrays this by telling us that in order to do this we need to become the average which we have already discussed isn’t actually the average. This means that nonconformity to any of these “average” standards is an okay thing. Kid president, a child motivational speaker, once said, “Be your own Beyonce!” Throughout preparing and writing this speech I have learned that being my own average is the best way
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