The Importance Of Electrical Engineering

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Have you ever wondered about electrical engineering, or how important it really is to you? Electrical engineering is a type of engineering that shows the theory of electricity, construction of machinery, and power supplies, which was brought to people’s attention in the 19th century. There is a variety of majors that are associated in electrical engineering which can lead to many different jobs that need to get done. For an example some jobs that electrical engineers do is controlled air systems, navigation system, medical imaging systems, and new circuit designs. Electrical engineering was in always will be a very popular field to be in due to the future ahead of technology and electricity. However in the 19th century, early experiments had included simply batteries and static charges. Michael Faraday however, had created a Laws of Induction which was about the rate of change in the magnetic field through the circuit, which had made a huge turn in the history of engineering. The main purpose of electrical engineering is to have working devices and systems to help in an everyday life. Designs are made from basic components like conductors, coils, magnets, etc in order to make a system that will function properly such as computers or other forms of technology today. The main function has not changed, the only thing that has changed is the evolution of certain components needed however it is for the better. In order for electrical engineering to be effective and proper, we
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