The Importance Of Emotion Knowledge And Emotion Competence

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The Significance of Emotion Knowledge and Emotion Competence Children will often have behavior issues that result in difficulties adjusting to school. Emotion competence and emotion knowledge is the ability to recognize, interpret, and respond constructively to emotions (Miller et al., 2006). What role does emotion knowledge as well as emotion competence have in the behavior and adjustment to school for preschool children? The answer to that question is unclear. Researchers have uncovered evidence that provides mixed results regarding the importance of emotion knowledge and competence in the behavior adjustment to school by preschool children.
Literature Review Emotion knowledge and emotion competence has a neutral and negative effect in some areas of preschool child development (Salmon, Dittman, Sanders, Burson, & Hammington 2014; Berzinski & Yates 2013). Berzinski and Yates (2013) found that children with behavior problems also have low emotion knowledge and low emotion competence subsequently they believed that emotion knowledge along with emotion competence would affect the behavior of children. Berzinski and Yates (2013) presented evidence that suggested harsh punishment was linked to the behavior adjustment of children. They conducted a study that analyzed the possible relationship between emotion knowledge, emotion competence, and harsh punishment of preschoolers. Their study involved observing child and parent interaction within a clinical setting.…
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