The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence And Emotional Quotient Is Influenced By People Surrounding You

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The EiQ assessment was in itself a big challenge to me. I have been a rational person all my life. In my opinion, Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Quotient is influenced by people surrounding you. With this assumption, I would like to review this EiQ assessment. According to the EI assessment some of my greatest emotional strengths are self-awareness, high value integrity, empathy, good impulse control, healthy coping skills and healthy level of self-esteem. I would say the result in exactly what I expected it to be. I have always put value integrity as my top priority and “logic” has always overpowered my emptions when it comes to dealing with situations involving value integrity. Even during my time as an engineer, the company values and processes were guiding light to me and I have always resented circumventing those value even when asked by senior management. However, areas such as self-awareness and empathy needs some improvements and I believe leadership experiences in my career going forward would allow me to develop these skills further. There is a big list for areas of EI improvements. To begin with, my emotional self-awareness is very limited and I am not comfortable with emotions in general. This didn’t surprise me at all. As stated before, I am a rational person. Ability to understand where to draw a line between being emotional and being rational has limited my emotional self-awareness. The report also says that the ability I would resolve conflict
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