The Importance Of Employee And Workplace Attivation

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The employee's workplace environment is one of the main determinants of the quality of work and being productive. How well the supervisor and the workplace engage the employee impacts their inclination to learn new skills and their motivational level to perform. These workplace environment and supervisor relationship lead to factors to engagement or disengagement employees (Ashkanasy, Ayoko, & Jehn, 2014). Management can employ an engagement survey to measure employee motivation and satisfaction of their daily responsibilities. A consideration of these factors are useful in making sure that employees use their skill sets they have learned in their training programs (Gerst,2013). Morale of the Employee and Workplace Attitude When an employee returns to the workplace, his or her attitude affects their job performance and “can have an impact on the employee morale.” Employees with a good attitude tend to have a strong performance, and employees with a poor attitude demonstrated mediocre performance. The supervisor must monitor their employee’s attitude and address any problems such as poor performance and lazy work ethic (Cherian & Jacob, 2013). The employee’s attitude is based on numerous factors that they bring to their workplace. The rigidness of the employee's attitude can make it difficult for them to change. Their attitude is a direct

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