The Importance Of Employee Empowerment

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Involving employees in the decision making related to the processes of their jobs is fundamentally good management (Goetsch & Davis, 2014). Employee empowerment is considered to be one of the most powerful and effective practices that organizations make, where the greatest contribution is by the people who are creating the product or service (Prathiba, 2016). It enhances job involvement, job satisfaction, career satisfaction and organizational commitment. Empowered employees add value and create competitive advantage to the organization. Employee empowerment is a motivational technique that is designed to improve performance if managed properly through increased levels of employees participation and self-determination. There is clear evidence to suggest what employees look for in their work is a mixture of both tangible and intangible elements that creates a stimulating environment where their contribution is recognized and rewarded. Management commitment plays an important role in shaping attitudes and thoughts. They contribute significantly to the view that the employees also have a stake in the organization. Managerial commitment is said to be the force that binds an employee’s course of action to achieve one or more targets. Studying management skills show that subordinates’ empowerment and engagement is an important part of organizational and managerial effectiveness. It further increases organizational effectiveness and commitment. Empowered and engaged
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