The Importance Of Employee Job Roles For Staff Retention And Identifying Their Bottom Line Business Objective

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Introduction: The agenda of this essay is to discuss the HRM functions which need to be integrated with each other to achieve the bottom line business objective within Telstra. Telstra downsizes 10,000 jobs between the years 2004-2008. The HRM functions to be discussed are job description, job analysis against co, compensation and benefits strategy and non - co job roles. Telstra has planned to downsize the jobs and have initially offered voluntary departure packages and then involuntary departure package if the internal staff did not volunteer for downsizing. Finally, at the target was achieved by Telstra and it had saved a lot on the wages. There is analysis of this issue of downsizing by Telstra and a discussion on what are the strategies used to achieve the goals. There is a discussion on what is required to achieve future business objectives in internet, broadband, national broadband, wireless internet, 3G and 4G mobile network system, ipod technology. Job Description: It is intended in this paragraph to critically analysis how identifying the co job roles for staff retention and identify the non – co job roles and skills that are redundant for downsizing would help Telstra in downsizing 10,000 employees. Especially when downsizing it is very important for the HR person to look into the job roles for the employees and to terminate them as a reason that the job profile is been redundant and therefore, Telstra has achieved their target of downsizing the employees of
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