The Importance Of Employee Motivation : Business Administration 251

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The Importance of Employee Motivation
Business Administration 251
Andy Hodecker
November 1, 2014
In today’s economy, businesses face evolving issues, and attempt to examine ways to obtain a competitive edge. The individuals behind these problem-solving issues are the managers within the company, whether they are first-line managers or top managers. One of the many goals of a manager is to motivate their employees, which makes the organization more efficient. Employee motivation is a very understandable concept, but the process of implementing this to your work staff is very complex. Employee motivation is very essential to running a successful organization, and managers need to find the best strategies to make sure that this is accomplished. Motivation may be described in two different ways in an organization, but before talking about the different kinds of motivation, it is important to understand the general term of motivation. According to Nicu (2012, p. 1040), motivation is the initiative employees get from within to act in a way that is most efficient in getting their job completed. The level of motivation can be different from employee to employee, because it is not a set standard. For example, two employees are working under the same working conditions. One worker is producing more output than the other, which shows that the amount of motivation can change from employee to employee (Park and Rainey 2012, p. 2633). Motivated employees are of the…
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