The Importance Of English Academic Vocabulary

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There are many students choosing to study abroad, most of them are choosing the developed countries as their first choice, such as the US, UK and so on. Thus, learning English well is an important factor for students to study abroad. In addition, it is often claimed that vocabulary is the foundation of the language competence, thus insufficient academic vocabulary knowledge would be a key challenge for students to study. Most students spend much time on learning English vocabulary, but the result is not very good. Therefore, it probably needs to find the most effective ways to improve students learning efficiency. This essay will examine some research and find out the effective ways for international students to learn the English academic vocabulary.

Definition of the English Academic Vocabulary
First of all, according to Gardner and Davies (2014), the Academic Vocabulary List is based on a 120-million-word academic sub-corpus of the Corpus of Contemporary American. In addition, there are two different ways to define the academic vocabulary, domain-specific academic vocabulary and general academic vocabulary. The domain-specific academic vocabulary includes the low-frequency words and phrases, and these terms and words are included in content area textbooks and other technical materials. The general academic vocabulary includes the words that are modest frequency from academic domains but not in literary texts, and sometimes general academic vocabulary have
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