The Importance Of Entrepreneurship

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In the present-day world, America is known for being one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Many ask why, well there are many factors as to why, but one of the biggest reasons is because America loves the idea of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is one taking the risk in investing money and time towards a business. Why is entrepreneurship so important to the world especially business people? One can agree that money is a huge part of one’s daily life. One needs money to pay the mortgage, phone bills, gas, food, and the list goes on. Now what would happen if one were to get fired? Or the company one works for closes? Not only would one be affected but others around one as well. What would happen to the spot the company workers loved going after work for a drink? Knowing the workers won’t be going back due to their job loss that bar will be in peril. After that it’s just the domino effect. This is one of the main reasons why entrepreneurship is so essential. Moreover, one can agree entrepreneurs play a crucial role in society. I am actually living a personal experience about this right now with my mother and father, both have their own business, my mother has a hair salon and my father sells/finances cars. To begin with it took a lot of risk to invest the money they have been saving for the last 10 years. The thought of losing all of one’s savings in a business that might not be successful is stressing and tiresome. Once the business was open the first years
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