The Importance Of Environment In Education

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For much of the United States’ history, the source of the countries pride and wealth lied in the vast resources that were present across it’s continent. These resources provided the country with room to grow, fuel for industry, and eventually lead to the United States becoming the world power that it is today. Though often overlooked, the importance of these resources on the American way of life, including culture and industry, is unquestionable. Consistently nature has served as a catalyst for major reform and change throughout America for centuries, causing industrial development, the need for cleaning of cities, and even more. Being as the effects of the environment are so far-reaching, the question of if the environment’s impact on society should be included in our school’s curriculum is trivial. From our own history we can see how the environment can affect practically all elements of society indirectly, and as such we can see how necessary nature’s inclusion in education is. Whether it be the Gilded Age or the Cold War, nature has in some way affected the world everyone lives in, be it in the shape of major reform or major events, and for this reason the study of the environments roll in history should be included in our school’s curriculum. The Gilded Age was a time of significant change in the US, starting from the formation of major railroads and their companies, to the developments of large centralized cities where masses of poor were forced to live in squalor.
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