The Importance Of Environmental Health

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The importance of environmental health With a population of 6.8 billion and growing at a rate of about 75 million per year, it is important we have a safe environment to live in. “Every time we venture beyond the boundaries of our everyday world, whether traveling to a less-developed country or camping in a wilderness area, we are reminded of the importance of these basics: clean water, sanitary waste disposal, safe food, and insect and rodent control” (Core Concepts 572). Elements that we survive on and that are being polluted are our air and water quality. As well as our solid waste, chemical, radiation, and noise pollution having a detrimental effect on the world we live in. Our surrounds directly affect our personal health and we affect what surrounds us, so improving what we can is the most important responsibility we have. Environmental health is “the collective interactions of humans with the environment and the short-term and long-term health consequences of those interactions” (Core Concepts 572). Environmental pollutants contribute to infectious and chronic diseases and the growing population and technological advances are increasing the damage on the environment. The large population is a key factor in chemical pollution, global warming, and thinning of the ozone layer. Food, land, water, and energy are in high demand and not all sustainable. With our medical care system as good as it is, people are living longer and besides making sure there is family planning
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