The Importance Of Environmental Issues In The Interior Plains

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The environmental issue in the Interior Plains is lumber/timber harvesting. Forest workers are cutting down trees to turn tree parts into lumber and timber.
The human activity that is used in lumber and timber harvesting is forestry. Humans that work in the forest industry area do lumber/timber harvesting to give other humans their basic needs, wants and values. (ex-wood, paper etc).
The physical characteristics of the interior plains are spruce trees, pine trees, fir trees and its tundra landscape. Many know that spruce, pine and fir trees are used as a Christmas tree to hang up your ornaments during December 25th. But these trees are more important than that. Just like any other normal tree, these trees follow the photosynthesis cycle, and inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. People may not live in the Interior Plains, but they work there and need some oxygen to breathe!
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Since this has a lot of agriculture, there are many animals in this landform such as deer, elk, wolves, and antelope. These animals are depending on these trees to breathe and survive in the interior plains, to give the humans and other animals oxygen. The plants living in the Interior Plains do not follow the photosynthesis cycle! They actually inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. So even the plants are depending on the trees to get oxygen! During the winter, the Interior Plains turn into a tundra landscape. When the area turns into a tundra, the plants die. This means the herbivores have nothing to eat, so they have to eat the parts of the trees like
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