The Importance Of Environmentally Sustainable Society

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A major worry humans have in the world today is having an environmentally sustainable society. Humans are ruining the earth day by day and now it is unsure if it is possible to fix it. An environmentally sustainable environment is defined as a society that satisfies the basic needs of its people without depleting or degrading its natural resources. This means saving the earth so it can become sustainable to live on for millions more years without using all of its resources. An environmentally sustainable society is possible because people can help change the earth by decreasing waste, use less resources, and cleaning up the planet. In order to keep the planet, humans must have a sustainable amount of waste that does not harm the planet. As a society, we will need to use less waste to help the earth. Cleaning the earth can help the planet and everything living on it. Focus High School’s blog talks about how “an unclean environment leads to a bad condition of a society, arrival of diseases and many more”. A clean environment helps with health. A senior health reporter wrote about how unclean environments are linked to bad health, “A RECENT report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has shown that specific diseases and injuries are caused by environmental factors, which include unclean surroundings among others”. In order to restore the planet and achieve an environmentally sustainable society, the earth must be cleaned up. This can happen by being responsible with our
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