The Importance Of Epidemious Diseases In My Life

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Many students at any university brag about knowing exactly what they would be doing with their lives at exactly what age. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people. I came into Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University with an Associate’s degree and absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with that degree. It wasn’t until my encounter with my Microbiology class that I received a glimpse of the possibility of my dream career.

I remember looking at my Microbiology with Diseases textbook enthralled with the world of viruses. The idea that these microscopic agents bring so much havoc into a person’s life attracted me; they are able to invade a person’s body and use the person’s own resources to thrive and spread. I vividly remember
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Both of these volunteer services allowed me to speak with the youth in my community, assist them with their studies, and sharpen their reading skills. Though this may not be a conventional form of volunteer work for someone in the health field, I wanted to do something that I loved immensely. I know a future in Public Health will allow me to continue to do what I love by is taking information and relaying it to the public as a possible Program Organizer and Supervisor.

A few other organizations on campus I decided to join included FAMU’s chapter of the National Council of Negro Women, I used this organization as a way to relate to other women not only on my school’s campus but others in my community. I know maternal and child health is a sub-concentration of Public Health and working with other women helped this aspect of the program come into perspective for me. I also became a part of Active Minds, Inc. as a way to learn more about the way the mind functioned and help bring awareness to mental disorders that plague college campuses across the country. In the Fall semester of 2017 I was also selected to be a Nutrition L.E.A.D.S. Scholar which takes my knowledge of nutritional values and mixed it with a desire to research and service the community around me. As I took the time to research what Public Health entailed I
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