The Importance Of Equal Pay, Rights And Opportunity For Women Involved With Sports

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This podcast will distinguish the stiffening number of the lack of equal pay, rights and opportunity for women involved with sports. This topic was selected because this is evident based on the staggering numbers of women performing and displaying either equal or more in terms of success, achievement or work load and still are behind when comparing salaries between men and women. Hopefully, this podcast will shine some light on this subject and bring awareness. Based on prior research conducted the numbers are comparing the USA women 's soccer. It is safe to say these figures and statistics show similar disparities in all sports with both women and men. Educating the readers, and providing basic knowledge and understanding in regards…show more content…
Title IX has also increased the salaries of coaches for women’s teams. The incident that comes to mind in regards to discrimination of women in sports would be the equal pay issue when discussing the USA women 's soccer team, The team’s 5–2 final win over Japan was viewed by more than twenty-five million people in the United States, the largest-ever television audience for any English-speaking broadcast of any soccer game, men’s or women’s. (The New Yorker, n.d.) Recommendations to Reform Current perception of Women in Sports. The current and most recent financial success of the women’s national team is remarkable and have made huge strides for females. Professional sports are more (and more and more) about money, and the money is still where it has always been: with the men. Sports remain one of the last boys’ clubs in mainstream culture. The advertisement, coverage, marketing and promotion of women’s sport are also often highly sexualized. The value of the female athlete is often determined in terms of her body type, attractiveness
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