The Importance Of Equal Rights For African Americans

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African americans have been fighting for their rights ever since they came to the United states. They have found it difficult to get the acceptance in the white society to be equal as a whole. Businesses are very bias on hiring colored people because they fail to understand that they are as equal as us. American finds the black society boycotting defending themselves against the discrimination in employment. Education is key to a successful black society because it they get the education they need businesses would more likely hire them. Black society are fighting for equal rights because of the act of racism so if businesses give them an opportunity the protesting will decrease greatly. American businesses need to be more lenient on african americans for these reasons boycotting, equal rights, discrimination. Equal rights for all American citizens is a very important aspect of a successful country. Although, African Americans have fought hard and long for their rights to become equal with white citizens. They been fighting for many years to just get the simple right to vote for our nation's president. The two passages describing civil rights both have the same motive, however, the passages have different concepts to achieve their motives. Passage number two makes the most convincing argument for improving economic conditions for African Americans. Both passages hold important concepts for improving economic conditions and rights for African Americans. Both passages
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