The Importance Of Equality Development Program Is A Key For Sustainability Development

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Participation process to create fairness development program is a key for sustainability development. The development especially in village level or rural area should not make the people as the object of development. Although majority people who live in the village or rural are poor, youth and women, they are rarely involved in decision making process. They could not deliver their ideas or opinions because they could not have resources and opportunities (Oakley 1991). Marginal group on development process in the rural community may reluctant to participate because the participation method usually tends to become a one way communication therefore marginal group in community should be able to identify their strength (Minkler 1997) to be able to contribute in development process. Rural area in Indonesia especially marginal group has high illiterate or they had primary education only (Dhanani and Islam 2002). However, the data and information about the potential asset in the rural is commonly presented by statistical which rarely encourage people to learn about the meaning of information. A proper participation method is needed to strengthen the capability of the marginal group and community in rural area. Nowadays, Geographical Information System (GIS) is popular tool to use in participation process by using visual data and information which may be easier to interpret by the rural community. In order to deeper understanding about community participation, the meaning of
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