The Importance Of Esmrel School Behaviors

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MSTT met with Sabrina to inform her of the report from the school. MSTT and Sabrina examined Esmrel behaviors and brainstormed what could be causing Esmrel to engage in these negative behaviors. Sabrina believes Drew should start to take a more active role in Esmrel school behavior and academics. She stated Drew need to step it up because she will soon be moving out and Esmrel will be staying with Drew and he needs to be on top of these behaviors. Drew have previous stated he does stay in contact with the school. Which is true what he does not know is the school is not telling him everything because of negative interactions from the pass. MSTT and Sabrina examined Drew statement of being on top of everything in the pass and was told he was to involved and needed to give the children a little more freedom. Now everyone is telling him he need to be more involved. Sabrina would just like Drew to be more involved with Esmrel academic and school behaviors.
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