The Importance Of Establishing A An Environment For A Healthy Discussion

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Introduction When it comes to negotiation, it will be in the best interest of all stakeholders to do everything within their power to foster an environment for a healthy discussion. “Failing to prepare and leaving everything to chance is far more risky than doing your best to be ready” (Cohen, 2002, p. 59). Approaching talks with a mindset that because a person can’t truly control how talks will go, planning is therefore useless, this approach will greatly increase the chance of failure. Because Surprise, Wingin it, and unexpected reactions leads to strong emotions, which can stall and in most cases bring talks to a complete halt, planning for these occurrences can greatly benefit all sides of negotiation. Understanding the importance of…show more content…
“The second integrative negotiation strategy of “problem solving” involves learning more about the underlying interests of both parties and searching for new solutions to meet those interests” (McCracken, Salterio, & Schmidt, 2011). When stakeholders invest time by researching the other party’s interest, taking the time in the preparation stage can save time and headaches later. “There are times when even the best instinctive negotiators find themselves surprised by something another negotiator says or does” (Cohen, 2002, p. 58). When something like this transpires, many times people are unable to either get talks moving again, or in some cases, the feeling of being blindsided builds walls neither side can conquer. An example of this would be, managers and employees are about to sit down to discuss new salaries and or bonuses. Neither side planned for the talks, when the representative for the employees ask for a 10K year raise for their employees, the managers being surprise by this request, leads to not only stall talks, but eventually leads to a company wide strike. In the managers mind the request was too extreme, they thought they would come in with a low request and request a high bonus, the employees representative was merely starting high, however because of this unforeseen request it led to a strike, the managers refuse to make an counter offer at all. Many times when sports reporters
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