The Importance Of Ethical And Social Values For A Person

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These are two different words but these two considerations are very important for every human being in society . Let us consider a problem which will show us what it means exactly how importance of ethical and social values for a person . Mo (Mackinnon)st of the people they are posting some videos on web and which are like poor performance of dancing and singing and some arguing videos . According to ethical and social consideration those impact on human behavior is very changed . For instance this is not a problem for some people but also it is problem for some people . like most of the people they are using these videos for entertaining themselves. If the videos are belongs to them they are ethically and socially they are shamed by each other . Let us take other example , some people they are personally very sensitive, if a unknown person posted a video or photo of his/her on web , the sensitive people are taken seriously these kind of issues . According to ethical and social consideration we need to prohibited those kind of things . If want posted those kind of things for entertaining purpose must be taken permission from any other person present in the picture According to ethical consideration a person must be take care of these values like fairness and dignity and equality ,honesty . With these kind of things these values will be spoiled. So according the consideration of ethical a person must and should be follow those things for a good relation and social
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