The Importance Of Ethics And Professionalism At Aaa Colorado

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AAA Colorado will lead the federation in Total Member Satisfaction while holding bottom line fiscal responsibilities. We will enact this by empowering and enabling our diverse workforce for success, using cutting edge technologies to decrease member wait time and increase employee efficiency and productivity.

Overall Goal
Our goal is to understand the importance of ethics and professionalism at AAA Colorado so we can minimize risk and maximize benefits to club members, improve upon employee and member satisfaction through valid research studies and application of findings and ensure the trust, security and peace of mind of all of our members.

Objectives and Desired Outcomes
Accountable - Ethical reviews account for laws and
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Ethics is neither right nor wrong but a set of principles that guides us as we maneuver through the daily decisions. It is important to understand that business conduct must follow and hold compliance with the law.
Professional ethics are the standards and principles of behavior adopted by members of an occupation. Professional ethics are followed in conjunction with the ethical culture of an organization.
A stakeholder is someone that has a vested interest in the outcome and success of an organization. Due to the nature of interest the stakeholder has, it is important that the leadership of an organization listens to, respects and maintains open lines of communication.

Code of Ethics
A code of ethics has been established to provide moral and behavioral guidelines that are to be followed by AAA Colorado’s board members, executive staff and all exempt and non-exempt employees. Principles are found within the code that reflect the behaviors expected of all AAA Colorado employees.
While holistic in nature, the AAA Colorado Code of Ethics does not serve as an all-inclusive policy and should be supplemented with ongoing ethics training.
Board members, executive staff and all exempt and non-exempt staff are expected to abide by the following behavioral principles:
1. Follow the Code of Ethics policy at all times.
2. Implement and be accountable for an ethics hotline.
3. Implement and follow a
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