The Importance Of Ethics In Nursing Ethics

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Ethics is a science relating to moral actions and individual value system. It is a study of what person’s conduct and actions ought to be regarding self, another human being, and the environment. Nonmaleficence is a duty not to harm (McEwan, 2017, p.269). In nursing, our primary responsibility is to make sure that our patients are kept safe from harm. It is our primary duty and responsibility that we take when we care and treat the patients. This paper will discuss three risk management steps that could minimize patient injuries and death, the importance of reporting an error, and the essence of tort in the nursing practice. According to Potter, Perry & Hall (2009), “ Risk management is an organization’s system of ensuring appropriate nursing care by identifying potential hazards and eliminating them before harm occurs” (Potter, Perry & Hall, 2009, p. 305). Nurses play a vital role in risk management. The evolving nature of primary care meant that nurses have to take roles that were previously assigned to other healthcare team members with those roles comes with a higher level of risk. Medical errors such as medication administration, blood transfusion, and surgeries are the most common area where medical errors happen. Drug administration is an essential part of the nurse's role. It is a nurse’s responsibility to administer right medications to the right patients, but medication errors are a persistent problem that is related to nursing practice. Medication errors

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