The Importance Of Ethics In Public Service

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In the video Ethics in Public Service (California City Management Foundation, 2014) city managers from across the state of California give their perspectives on ethical expectations. The main expectations these leaders give are encapsulated through the idea of doing the right thing all the time. One reason given by several of the city leaders is that the public is watching all the time and holding them accountable for their actions (California City Management Foundation, 2014). Aside from public perception, in regard to ethics, the themes of trust, honesty, integrity, transparency, and achieving "good things" in their communities are brought up. While these themes are brought up by several city leaders, some give their own viewpoint on what ethics means and how they go about acting ethically when doing their jobs.
Sean Joyce, City Manager of Irvine, CA states, "ethical problems should be handled with courage and compassion in a manner to set an example for others to follow" (California City Management Foundation, 2014). Kathy Millison, City Manager of Santa Rosa, CA believes that city leaders should, "inspire others through words and actions when dealing with ethical dilemmas" (California City Management Foundation, 2014). However, John Shirey, City Manager of Sacramento, CA believes that, "people don't have a high opinion of government these days, thus we need to do something about that, and one way in which we do that is by everyday doing the right thing, showing that we
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