The Importance Of Ethnic Segregation

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Ethnic segregation is “The extent to which members of different of racial and ethnic groups are isolated within their own communities and have limited social interactions across these internal borders can be inferred from a segregation or dissimilarity index.” (The University of Arizona). Ethnic segregation is more common on college and university campuses than most other places in the world. Segregation is not a new topic to be talking about because when we look back into the early 1900’s we can easily see that segregation was inhibited among most everything you do once you step outside your house, the whites and colored weren’t allowed to do anything together. An article by Alana Semuel talks about how segregation had to be invented and a man in the article said, “People who are white want as little to do with black people as they can get away with”, these kinds of actions and types of separation caused extreme barriers or invisible lines/walls that are rarely crossed by people in our society today. These barriers produce the loss of uniqueness and talent among both groups of people, as well as individuals. I strongly believe differences and diversity should be celebrated as a chance or opportunity to be able to stand out as well as the chance to educate each other about the creation of man and woman. A document by the History Channel gives information on the reason America had almost split apart during the Civil War by telling us how the victory of the Union may have possibly given freedom to people of color, but with the “restrictive “black codes” to control the labor and behavior of former slaves and other African Americans.”, but since then reformation and hard work have been the reason this country has stayed as one.
Even though our country might have fought and eventually came to an agreement a long time ago, there still seems to be a lot of disagreement of the whole segregation situation on college and university campuses. It's crazy to think that these young adults that are trying to better themselves, their career, and to continue on to higher education are still acting like ignorant high school kids, with the actions that they are doing for and against racism. Everyone is ignoring the fact that
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