The Importance Of Eulogy For Employees

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Hello. I appreciate you taking a moment out of your very busy day to read this.
I wanted to thank you for my time at National Coney Island; I worked at Moross/Mack almost continuously since 1997 (with a brief period at Van Dyke in 2000) and always loved my job; my managers, coworkers, and customers made going to work more like a family thing than some tedious task I didn't want to do. I was a loyal, responsible employee and always did what I could do to help out, even when my schedule was a bit limited while dealing with having babies. I had customers who visited the store regularly, just for me to serve them, for years. I'm sad that has ended.
To be honest, at first I was really upset about how I was being treated. I had contacted Paul previously to see if we could sit down with Sammy
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Sammy didn't like me for whatever reason, and that was not so much an issue until he began cutting my days and treating me unfairly. Moe is a good friend who I've worked with for a long time, and was fully aware and right along with me, but was very scared he would suffer consequences or lose his job if his name was brought up. In that situation, the next step was for me to ask for higher intervention, and Paul REALLY dropped the ball there, to the point of being offensive. I'm not trying to be funny or smart when I say that he would benefit greatly from more training in ethics and employee…show more content…
I wish I was still working for National Coney Island; this was the job I loved, for 17 years, without incident. People loved me there,
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