The Importance Of Evidence Based Practice On Patient Care

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Evidence Based Practice has contributed to the healing of millions of patients across the world by meeting the needs of patient care through providing extensive research and evidence. The process of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is made up of professional nurses. The start of this process is based on previous clinical experience based on encounters nurses have had with patients regarding clinical problems. EBP brings better care to the patient by making the patient and their health issue the main focus of what is being researched or studied. The evidence-based practice (EBP) movement is consistent with nursing’s goal of providing research-based care to patients (Fain, 2015). Nurses main goal of EBP is to explain what and why a topic is being researched, how this process is important to the care of the patient and how the evidence collected can be credible to make a difference. In order to make a difference in a patient’s life by using EBP, nurses must first research the topic that is concerning to the patient. Research is the first step in beginning the process of solving a clinical problem. It is the best evidence used toward the decision making for patient care. Doing different analysis is important to nursing because it helps the nurse determine which method would be better for the patient and also determines the outcome of what is being studied. Research comes in the form of clinical expertise, patient preferences and existing resources (Fain, 2015). One type of
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