The Importance Of Exceptive Leadership

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Society benefits from effective leadership. However, effective leadership is not inherent to most people and requires development. As Ross Perot states “Lead and inspire people…Inventories can be managed but people must be lead” (Anderson, 2013). Exceptional leadership goes beyond a role of power. James Hunter writes in his successful book The Servant, that leadership is influence and all people are capable of leadership by the influence that they transmit into the world (2012). The role of doctoral prepared nurse practitioners extends beyond the confine of employee. The expanse of the nurse practitioner role includes leadership within the clinical, community, and national setting. As Hunter proclaims, everyone is a leader, including nurses. Therefore, it is imperative that nurses are the exceptional leaders that society benefits from. The following is a compendium of leadership topics valuable to building awareness and competency as a nurse leader. The intention for this compendium is for the author to demonstrate understanding of the eleven identified leadership topics by review of the literature. This paper will explore the many facets of leadership and their applications with a focus on the nurse practitioner role. Critical points of leadership skills, qualities, and challenges will be examined for each topic.

Organizational Climate and Culture
A primary contribution of leadership is the external in internal environment that it creates. Climate and culture are

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