The Importance Of Exercise During The School Year

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During this two week period, I noticed that one of the main barriers to exercise during the school year is I have a ton of homework. I constantly feel that I am choosing between the two, and homework always wins. This means I rarely workout while taking classes. I also noticed if I choose to walk to class and to work it helps me reach my step goal and I feel better about myself. Another trend I noticed was on there weekends I was less likely to meet any of my goals. This tells tells me I am much more active during the week, and lazy on the weekends. I was also took more steps per day the second week after I set my goal to reach 9,000 steps. My non-exercise physical activity is not really a problem, if I choose to walk places that I need to go, such as work and class. I do not meet the 10,000 steps per day recommendation. I reached that goal some days, but not most days. With the amount of steps I took most days, I could be considered a somewhat active individual, which ranges from 7,500 steps to 9,999 steps per day. I fell within this range most days. The area where I am really lacking is exercise physical activity. Over the summer when I have more time I exercise almost everyday at the recreation center. During the school year I am packed with working three jobs and having six classes. I would love to be able to get to the gym all the time, but it has to include sacrificing something, such as not getting studying or homework done. I do not meet the Physical Activity
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