The Importance Of Experience Learning

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Is school the only place where one can experience learning? While knowledge can be gained in school, often we also gain knowledge through our experiences. Which help us improve our skills and open our eyes to new ideas and perspectives. Notably, real life experiences are just as valuable as education. Personally, I have been able to experience this first hand by; being able to learn a new culture at young age, household responsibilities , and participate in sports.
First of, moving to a foreign country might sound like a big adventure or a great start. One of the things that may happen when going to a new place (even on vacation) is finding yourself comparing everything to how it is back home. Comparing food, quality of life, weather, people’s habits, beliefs, and everything between. Subsequently, moving to a foreign country may not be as easy for some people, and it could be as normal for others. For me it wasn’t easy, at the age of 5 I was moving from El Salvador to the United states. With my dad being a diplomat we have to move a lot. The U.S. has a completely different culture, language, climate, overall a completely diverse lifestyle and environment. I felt like a complete stranger. In particular, language barrier was one of the hardest part in this case. Having to watch my mom struggle to communicate with people when she needed help or anything, was hard because not everyone was nice enough to try and understand her. My mom, my siblings, and I were at the mall when my
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