The Importance Of Fair Pay In The Workplace

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“The Importance of Fair Pay” The struggle for fair pay has always been a hot topic in the workplace, and it will continue to be just that. Speaking up is a great way for co-workers to ensure they are being treated fairly. Underpay in its entirety must come to an end, I understand it will take a long time or some type of movement-but something must be done. Build your case by preparing factual data to support your argument. Afterwards, address your concerns with an Executive as soon as the opportunity presents- better yet create the opportunity yourself. Fair and equal pay are important, it is a mutual benefit for Corporations and its Employees. Through fair pay, companies gain the benefit of retaining and motivating talented workers also resulting in a desirable workplace environment, consequently enough, eliminating the risk of a potential unfair treatment lawsuit. In my experience, corporations have lost tremendous talent to their worst nightmare, their competitors, more often because Managers fail to listen to their employee’s goals and expectations. On many occasions, I have seen employees whom just love their company and regardless if they get shut down by their direct manager, they escalate their concerns, and their goals become more attainable. Several years ago, when I was a teenager at my first Corporate job, I witnessed a young man experience his first day at work, he was remarkable, surely, he could have sold ice in Alaska and people would buy it from him.
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