The Importance Of Fair Use In Walt Disney Movies

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Professor Faden did use fair use in his mash-up video because he was using some of walt disney studios movies and mashed them up . He used some of the movies in Walt disney studios to make a video for Students/Adults to know what fair use means. All Professor Faden's was trying to do was help people learn what copyright was and he wasn't copyrighting the movies from walt disney studios .People around the world always remixes videos from tv shows and put songs into them. Its someone making a mash-up and using it in a very creative way. That doesn’t mean that they need to sue him, he didn’t do anything wrong. In the definition of fair use; any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose. In copyright FAQs it has to at least be creative effort on the part of the author. Movies is one thing that you can copy because its Professors Faden idea that’s making the mash-up. The copyright law says it has to cover the creative of expression of an idea. Walt Disney studios doesn’t have the right to sue him because he is falling the copyright law correctly. The disney movies is out there for people to watch and for people to use it. If Walt Disney Studios didn't want anybody to copyright his movies then he shouldn't have made the movies in the first place. Whoever created the movies for disney made up the cartoons and the script and Professor used the movies and mashed them up. A lot of people do it and it is fair. The movies from Walt Disney Studios

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