The Importance Of Faith Based Education

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Does having a faith-based education have an influence on the way people cope with their own individual experiences?
The trials and tribulations of being human take many forms. From the joys of relationships to the lows of disease the human condition is wide varied and complex. Unique to the human journey on earth is the ability to ask and ponder big abstract questions such as “Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? and Why do bad things happen to good people?” These ultimate questions are timeless and often without answers, such as determining an answer as to why people suffer. The ultimate question regarding why people suffer differs from person to person. Suffering can be described as “an aversive emotional experience characterized by the perception of personal distress that is generated by adverse factors undermining the quality of life” (Taylor Ronan, 2017) When an individual is diagnosed with cancer there are many who will suffer and face many obstacles. The patient going through the life-changing experience will suffer, grieve and question their quality of life. The patient’s family and friends will suffer from a sense of powerlessness in not being able to help and all will suffer a sense of loss for what might have been. This suffering is borne by those affected in many and varying ways. One’s personal situation, family background, upbringing and education may all affect how one manages the suffering they experience. However, the faith based education allows one
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