The Importance Of Family Affects Socialization

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1) What is the role of the family, school, peer group, and media on development. What is more important? Why? Family affects socialization in various ways. Many people believe that family is the most important aspect of socialization because family plays a huge role in the development of characters in individuals. For instance, in early childhood, infants completely depend on their parents and other family member or caregivers. As years pass, family members also begin teaching kids skills, values as well as beliefs. Research proposes “nothing is more likely to produce a happy, well adjusted child than a loving family.” (Gibbs 2001). On the other hand, family learning isn't always deliberate by parents. Children can learn from the environment adults place around them. Erik Erikson suggest “whether they see the world as trustworthy or dangerous—depends largely on the quality of the surroundings provided by parents and other caregivers.” (page 83) With the help of family, parents tend to create social identities for their children which partly has to do with race. Race relates to how people view themselves and others. Most people see race as a physical characteristic like the color of skin. Osogie Obasogie (2013) spoke with people that were born blind to seek information on what they feel about race. He found that “ rather than “seeing” race with our own eyes, we learn to “see” race as a result of the ways our society defines various categories of people.” (page 83)
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