The Importance Of Fast Food

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In this world, we are living in. fast food restaurants is taking over the world. In this society, we live in. Where the food industry is taking over Where peoples don’t really have time to cook a home cook meal fast food places are a quick fix to the problem. You might not be home could be on the road from playing sports. Or a singer that travel. on a family vacation or just have a busy schedule that you don’t have the time That’s why in this world peoples settle for fast food restaurants. That’s why it is a big debate in today society. You can’t really blame the fast food because it is a personal choice. Some say fast food is the reason for obesity. I disagree there are many other causes obesity not just fast food. health problems can be a reason for weight gain. but peoples always think it is restaurants fault. I do believe that everybody is responsible for their one health. According to David Zinczenko, don’t blame the eater the author talks about why children shouldn’t eat too much fast food which is not healthy for them to eat every day. Children doesn’t pay attention when they consume the junk food. Because it tastes good. He does believe that the fast food places should provide food labels so kids will know what they are eating and what is inside of the food. Which can lead to weight gain if it is eaten every single day. He states in the articles by proving the nutrition information people need to make informed choices about their products. he was against fast
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