The Importance Of Fear Of Talking On Mobile Phones

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For a gadget that is beloved the world over and found in just about every purse, pocket, and palm, you’d be surprised by how many people fear making phone calls. If [[Recognize Anxiety in Yourself | you are overcome with anxiety]] by the thought of talking on the phone, you can learn to manage this anxiety and hold successful phone conversations. First, work to understand your fear of talking on the phone. Then, use practical strategies like role-playing and deep breathing to alleviate your distress when making phone calls.
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===Conquering Your Fears===
#Get to the bottom of your fears. The only way to truly conquer your phone anxiety is to figure out what’s causing it. Question what’s at the bottom of your fear of talking on the phone: Are you worried about saying something embarrassing? Do you fear rejection?
#*Take a moment to really notice the thoughts that go through your head before you make a phone call. Notice what kinds of things you are telling yourself.
#Challenge your self-talk. After gaining some insight into what’s driving your fear, try to change them. You can do this by modifying what you’re telling yourself about talking on the phone. For example, you might be telling yourself that you’ll say something stupid or embarrassing.
#*If this is the case, try to think about times when you
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