The Importance Of Federalism In The United States Government

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When the founding fathers came together, they realized that they had important things to discuss. Truthfully because The Articles of Confederation had not been efficient enough for the national government. The Articles of Confederation left the national government without a judiciary and independent executive, leaving Congress with most of the power; but it was largely a creature of the states. This sparked conflicted amongst state which eventually lead to the government’s debt. Once The Founding Fathers realized the poor ethics that the Articles of Confederation had, the first topic they felt the need to discuss had been federalism. As read in We the People textbook, federalism means “the Constitution’s division of governing authority between two levels, nation and states—was the result of political bargaining.” As I reflect back on previous lessons/discussions, I find it that Federalism is an ideology that’s written in the constitution to divide power between federal and state government; even though the term is not bluntly stated. Honorably, the simulation mirrored what took place in 1787, by having four interest groups and Senators from eight delegations representing their states’ interest. The Senators main objective had been to reform the Proposed Legislation for Federal Anti-Smoking Standards bill that could potentially benefit both their locals and local government. For the duration of the simulation, both the interest groups and Senators demonstrated the
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