The Importance Of Female Voters ' Identification With The Political System

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enhance female voters’ identification with the political system – and in turn, their sense of being able to influence the decision-making process, making their participation worthwhile. These effects, however, are not confined only to women: the presence of women in a wide range of political offices can increase the confidence that male citizens have in the political system as well. Consequently, electing greater proportions of women to political positions can deepen democracy and encourage civic engagement in the general population.
Change the perception of society and political stakeholders regarding women’s capacities ➔Electing greater numbers of women to public office can thus build confidence among women, contribute to strengthening legislative and policy agendas, and increase trust by the electorate in the political system. The presence of women in office, however, can also lead to broader, positive changes in the social and cultural perceptions of women’s capacity. The presence of strong, capable women in public office can result in changes in societal perceptions, and can help combat gender-based stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes.
Key Challenges to Women’s Advancement in Political Parties--
The founding documents of political parties govern how parties function internally as well as externally. Some political parties have made efforts to promote gender equality through, and integrate gender-sensitive language into, their founding documents. Too often,

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