The Importance Of Fitbit Sustainably Grow And Increase Its Brand Awareness

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regarding the company and its strategies, current market segment, market opportunities and the future of wearable technologies. That said, focusing on the current company situation, the group formulated the following problem statement: How can Fitbit sustainably grow and Increase its brand awareness, overcoming the company’s lack of segment divesification and product cannibalization, since they have products being sold under the same price with slightly different features? Stakeholders This section identifies the four main stakeholders groups, and a brief description of the impacts of the decision problems within each group. Customers: Fitbit’s customers are the top stakeholders. This group is constituted of individual and organizational buyers of Fitbit devices. From this stakeholders’ group perspective, the main concern is to have efficient products that are reasonably priced. Fitbit trackers already have slightly lower prices compared to other major competitors’ prices. Fitbit’s Employees: This stakeholder group is constituted of Fitbit’s work force. The main concern of these stakeholders are their career stability and development, their work payment, and the reward system. As the decision problems directly affects the company’s overall performance, they affect all of the mentioned concerns of this group, jeopardizing the Fitbit source of capabilities to innovate and create profitable products. Investors: This group is interested in maximizing the returns on
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