The Importance Of Florida's Biodiversity

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Florida’s biodiversity is extremely important in maintaining. Many people fail to realize that without the biodiversity there would be no humans. They fail to see how our lives and lives many species would change drastically. Since I am one the few people in Florida to take a biogeography course, I am now a member of the Florida biodiversity Czar after the next election. What would be my top priorities to protect Florida’s biodiversity, and how would I implement them?
My first priority would be to focus more on conserving as much of the biodiversity hotspots we have left. To implement this into effect I would gain awareness of it to the public’s knowledge and get funding to support it. Many people seem not care of the biodiversity of earth
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To implement this I would push for more laws of protecting the forest and a border that limits areas you cannot destroy. Humans need land for colonization and there is no denying it. Nevertheless, how much is too much destruction for our own gain of purpose. In figure 16.8, it shows how much of our natural forest have been destroyed due to deforestation and how much of it is left. At least about a god 75% f the forest in Olympia Washington has been gone due to deforestation (Lomolino, et al.706). The effects of deforestation affect may species and in turn, that affects many plant communities. I must stress again the fact that without plant communities humans cannot survive. Humans need three necessities in order to survive food, water, and shelter. Two of these will be gone if we do not stop deforestation. When deforestation occurs and depending on climate conditions, wildfires can happen and they spread rapidly. They will destroy the little vegetation we have left and even our homes. Without vegetation, many farmers cannot feed their animals and they end up dying. Many agricultural products are what humans depend upon for most of their food resources and nutrient…show more content…
To implement this, I would get funding to study the effects that climate change and mass extinctions had on Earth’s biodiversity. Many people fail to see that climate change and biodiversity are interconnected. It is climate change that affects the biodiversity of animals and plants. Many plants need wind to aide in their dispersal of seeds. Climate change can destroy many organisms’ homes and even aiding them to disperse into places that were not possible before. Due to climate change, native species are now on the brink of extinction due to introduced species. For example, in table 16.4 we see the percentage of threatened species that are affected by introduced species. In Australia, alone the numbers exceed over 40 % and that poses a risk on that country (Lomolino, et al.725). Much of world’s endemic species found in Australia will probably be gone in the next few years. We can confer that studying the effects of how climate change affected our planet’s biota in the past can help us preserve for the future. If we knew more information, about how fast the sea levels rose when the glaciers started retreating. Then we can better understand how the ecosystem change and what species were more susceptible to extinction. Also we would be better able to understand the effects of how losing certain species would not affect us at all and which ones are more important in saving versus
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